Today, hundreds of professionals are serving individuals in need, treating everything from PTSD to physical and mental disabilities to families in crisis. Today, mental health professionals and others are receiving training and certification from outstanding organizations like Path International and EAGALA.

Not all families are aware of these amazing facilities, professionals and services, while some families may not be able to afford them.  Based on financial ability to pay, we offer scholarships for families in need, so teens can access these services at a facility near their home. While health insurance may cover some or all the cost of these services, some insurance wont. And, many families don’t have insurance or cannot afford the co-payments.

Finally, we partner with therapeutic riding organizations to place teen interns at these facilities where they can do chores, be around horses and build skill and self-esteem. We can partner with parents and the facility to subsidize paid internships during the summer or school year.

Contact us to help your family find a facility or therapist in your community and use the application below to determine whether you qualify for our scholarships. Because funds are limited, we regret that we cannot serve everyone who deserves our support.

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