Our ability to help struggling teens depends almost completely on the generosity, cooperation and assistance of farmers, ranchers, stable owners and therapeutic riding centers to play host to our teens for part-time internships, therapy or for longer, overnight stays.

Our hosts can look like just about any farm, ranch or stable in this colorful nation. You might be a commercial cattle or horse operation, a fruit or vegetable farm, a family winery or a farmers market. Or, you may be a therapeutic riding center or a horse boarding and lesson facility.

Our most important requirement for hosts is to provide our teens with a safe, and interesting place to work, learn and grow in an environment of values. We favor locations with some type of livestock. But, that doesn’t always mean horses or cattle. Maybe it’s show calves or sheep? However, a large crop farm with very few chores, animals or moving parts may not be enough stimulation to give our teens something interesting to do, learn or experience. When in doubt, let’s talk about it!

As a volunteer host of a qualified teen, you’ll welcome one of our kids to your farm or ranch or stables, where they will either travel to and from your location as a part-time employee, or in the case of our longer term, residential program, the teen will live with you for a period of time and do chores, just like they were one of your own.

During the residential visits, we’ll ask you to watch over them, teach them and mentor them. Your guest teen will live down the hall in your guest room or in the empty room where your kids used to sleep.

You may be an empty nester or have appropriate age children of your own still at home.   We’ll work with you carefully to find the right fit in terms of age, gender and personality, so everyone enjoys the experience. It’s a lot like hosting a foreign exchange student.

If your heart says that hosting a teen at your place for a part-time job, for therapeutic services or for a longer overnight stay, simply contact us and we’ll discuss all the possibilities.

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