Our ability to help struggling teens depends on the cooperation of farmers, ranchers, stables and equine therapy facilities who employ our teens as part-time interns. We call these partners “hosts.”

We ask our hosts is to provide our teens with a safe and interesting place to work, learn and grow in a natural environment. We favor locations with some type of livestock, but that doesn’t always mean horses or cattle.

As an employer of one of our interns, you’ll work with the teen to establish their hours, make assignments, oversee their chores and pay their wages. We’ll work with you to screen the applicant and share the cost of their wages.

Most interns work for 10-15 hours each week for minimum wage after school, on weekends and during school breaks.

If you want an extra hand around the farm and you want to help a hurting young person grow, click here to apply as a host/employer, with no obligation.