Live and Work on a Farm or Ranch

Our residential program places 15- to 18-year old teens with a volunteer host farm, ranch family on their farm, ranch or equine facility for a period of time, typically for a summer or longer, where they will live, work and disengage. During the program, they will continue to consult with their referring counselor or one near their temporary residence, via appointments, telephone or Internet connection.

Using criteria developed by a team of professionals, we carefully screen both the teens and the host families to maximize the odds of an enjoyable, healing and rewarding experience for everyone involved. An endorsement by the teen’s attending and qualified mental health professional is required as part of the application process.

What Does the Program Cost?

Our goal is to provide a powerful option at a very reasonable cost. The participation fee, which helps offset our costs to manage the program, is $500 per month of participation, paid monthly in advance. In addition, we ask families to cover the cost of travel to and from the farm or ranch. However, we offer discounts or a waiver of this fee and assistance with travel costs, based on financial need.

Because we are not considered a health care provider, the cost of this particular  program is not covered by insurance at this time.


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